Our Philosophy is concentrated on two words “Customer Service”.

In January 2011 all Earl Scheib locations in Nevada, California and New Mexico, were purchased by “Earl Scheib Las Vegas LLC” According to the CEO, more plans are underway to open other locations nationwide. He stated “Earl Scheib Las Vegas LLC” ensures that our process and standards are up to snuff.

We redefined Earl Scheib standards for paint jobs, collision repair and spot repair and ensured those processes are part of the Earl Scheib of Las Vegas LLC system. It includes prepping for spot repair, proper color match and blending and polishing etc. We’re checking on those standards and processes, production methods and other variables relating to CSI and net promoter score. “This business is about generating customer satisfaction, our mission is to be recognized as North America’s body shop for all of their automotive collision repair, body work and painting needs.”
Earl Scheib

Founded in 1937, Earl Scheib has historically been know for providing quality paint and body work for the best prices. The founding gravel-voiced pitchman has passed on, but Earl Scheib still paints cars. Now independently owned and operated and known for low-priced paint jobs, Earl Scheib stores also offer cosmetic body work, as well as glass replacement and pin striping.

Earl Scheib, Inc. owns a national chain of automobile painting and body repair shops. Operating under the New Earl Scheib Paint & Body Shop name, the California-based chain consists of more than 175 stores in about 150 U.S. cities. Though the stores are primarily known for economically priced, production auto painting services, body and fender repair services are also offered. Earl Scheib manufactures its own paint at a company-owned facility in Missouri. The company established a fleet sales division in 1998. The Earl Scheib brand became well known largely through founder Earl Scheib, a pioneer of advertising.

Earl A. Scheib’s association with automobiles began in the automobile mecca of southern California in the 1920s. After graduating from Los Angeles High School in the late 1920s, Scheib secured a job as a gas station attendant rather than pursuing college. Through numerous oil and tire changes completed for the General Petroleum Co., Scheib gained valuable experience. Soon Scheib branched off onto his own, purchasing his own service station in Los Angeles. Scheib fell into auto painting rather by accident. Customers frequently asked Scheib about auto painting shops, so Scheib decided to paint a few cars in the station’s garage during the evening hours when the station was closed. What began as a small, after-hours endeavor soon blossomed, and Scheib could not keep up with demand. He thus sold his gas station and in 1937 opened Earl Scheib Paint and Body on a Los Angeles street corner near Beverly Hills.

On February 29, 1992, a day after turning 85, Earl Scheib passed away, leaving behind a legacy.

Earl Scheib entered the year 2000, the company continued with its comeback strategy. The company hoped to increase sales in stores open for more than a year and to continue expansion. Earl Scheib remained focused, and planned to continue painting cars–any car, any color–well into the 21st century. Earl Scheib ceased operations nationwide on July 16, 2010, and was purchased by Assurance Industry. According to the new CEO, ” We’ve started doing regular inspections and are constantly evaluating how our centers are treating our customers.

If a problem arises with a customer, we get involved right away.

Earl Scheib Las Vegas Paint & Body Works On All Makes And Models Of Vehicles

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