Earl Scheib Las Vegas Paint & Body - Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to paint my car?

In many cases, just one day. Bring your car in by 8 am and you can be out by 5 pm. One of our managers can make all the arrangements for you.

Do you do insurance work?

Yes! In most cases, we can handle the body work and, rather than spot painting, give you a brand new paint job - for less than your claim settlement. We also offer partial repaints with factory colors.

Do you primer the car before painting?

Technically speaking, none of today's primers meet E.P.A. Environmental standards. However, we do apply a special base paint coat which does meet E.P.A. standards and produces a uniform surface for optimal paint adhesion on our PRO 2 and PRO 3 paint jobs.

Do you remove molding, emblems, bumpers and glass before painting?

If we did, the labor would easily double or triple the cost of your paint job. Instead, we carefully tape and mask these areas of your car to ensure a "clean" job. This is one of the major ways we save you money by keeping our costs down.

What about my side molding and pin striping?

Our body shop carefully masks your side molding. If you'd like, we can give you an estimate to replace damaged molding. We also do pinstriping at a very competitive cost.

Can I paint my car a different color?

Yes! Color changes are one of our specialties. We can even change a black car to white!

What do your warranties cover?

The PRO 1 warranty covers your new paint against fading or loss of gloss, peeling, chalking, cracking and wrinkling for one year. The PRO 2 process extends this warranty to three years. And the PRO 3 warranty covers your paint for six full years - the industry's best warranty. Our warranties are prorated from date of invoice at the price you paid on the invoice.

Is body work included in the price of the paint job?

No. Damage like dents, dings, nicks, scratches, lacquer checking and decal removal, should be corrected before your car is painted. And we can do this for an additional charge, at the lowest prices for body repair - guaranteed!

How can you paint my car at such a low price?

We paint more than 125,000 cars and trucks a year. With our efficient production methods and high volume, we can pass the savings on to you in the form of lower prices.

What can I do to care for my new paint job?

Sunlight is your paint's worst enemy. For a modest additional charge, we'll include our integrated UV Sunscreen into your car's paint to help protect it from the sun. For extra protection, our new Euro Clear option adds extra shine and luster to your new finish. It's a true two-stage paint that maximizes durability, maintains your gloss longer, and withstands extreme temperature variations. Also ask for our car guide for simple instructions on how to care for your new paint job.

Is color matching available for partial repaints?

Yes! Our skilled painters will match the new paint to your vehicle's color by ordering the new paint directly from the factory.

If I have minor collision damage, can you repair and repaint only the damaged part of the vehicle.

Our expert bodymen can repair or replace minor collision damages such as dents, windshield and body part replacements, etc. at the lowest prices available to you. We also offer paint color matching by using your vehicle's specific factory paint color.

Are rental cars available if I need one?

Yes! We offer discount rental cars through local car rental companies. We make an appointment for you and the rental company provides pickup and dropoff. Most often, rental costs are covered through your claim with the insurance company.

When replacing parts and color matching, how long will I be without my vehicle?

Generally, we should be finished repairing and repainting your vehicle within 2-3 days. However, if your vehicle requires "hard to find" parts that are necessary to repair your vehicle, you may be without your car for a few days longer.